The maxi motorhome Aster, made in monocoque fiberglass, is available in two versions: one with a length of 9.40 meters and another with 8.00 meters. It can be applied not only as a vehicle of representation for sports teams and factories, but also as a tool for work and vision unique. Because of the high level of prestige, design and the interior features of great comfort, it is the answer at a specific question and demanding, an exclusive end point.

Double Decker

The Double Decker is available in two versions: Dennis and Old Lady. Both are original british double-decker bus ideal such as information point, point hospitality and promotional tours. On the lower floor there is an exhibition area and upstairs, an office area and a living room. Thanks to the extreme customization possible and its particular look, this vehicle is able to capture the attention of the most careless people.

Midi Truck

The Midi truck is a compact and comfortable vehicle during the trip, but once positioned the space is tripled thanks to the expandable side walls. The two ladders ensure easy flow and an orderly exit. It is extremely customizable by changing the exterior colors or the interior layout. It could be ideal for recording studios, stand or exhibition halls, mobile office or conference room. It offers different ways for its use.

Motorhome Maxi

The motorhome maxi is the bigger brother of the Midi truck. It offers the same conveniences only extended about 40 square meters of interior space with a length of about 12 meters: a workplace suitable for many circumstances.


The motorhome Vas Newline is made in monocoque fiberglass for a length of 7.40 meters and a width of 2.20 meters. Considering the size, not too high, this vehicle is very handy and ideal especially in cities where spaces are usually reduced. Despite this, the monumentality of the motorhome remains and accurate placement of interior allows you to use most of the available space.


The motorhome Palaprave consists in a trailer about 15 meters provided internally of a conference room, a kitchen area and a series of offices. Outside offers more space thanks to a tensile structure. The photos show the full potential of this vehicle and its imposing advertising.


The Palcoshow is a stage of fast installation that finds its place in areas usually not easy or disconnected. The structure is self unloading with the aid of a hydraulic system. It also has a hydraulic opening door that ensures the safety of possible equipment contained inside.